About Apricot Anderson

(C) 2011 by Metta Anderson – All Rights Reserved

This is not the first time I’ve filled out an autobiographical page but it’s just as difficult as the first time. The only thing I can add now is that I was one of the 36,774 WINNERS (!!!!!!!!!!!!) of the 2011 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Challenge, offered by the Office of Letters and Light, in Berkeley, California. I’m glad I participated because it allowed me to focus on a storyline that I had written down but had made no decision about its fate. The hardest thing about writing “Pan Am Tapestry” turned out to be dealing with the principal male character, Julian. I didn’t want to create someone too sweet nor too stereotypically stalwart and (do please excuse the word) “macho.” Even though I plan to tinker with the character when I edit later, I think the essence is there.

The other thing that has come from writing “Pan Am Tapestry” is that I’m rethinking just exactly what kind of writing I want to do in order to earn money. (I do not receive Social Security, so this has become an issue.) I’m a published poet. I do my best work writing in a long form (essays, novels; interminable dissertations, if I were a Ph.D. candidate, and fortunately, I’m not). I have very successfully written art criticism in the past and plan to go back to it. However, I notice a certain amount of change in that field–let’s be LIGHT! Let’s be WITTY! Let’s avoid all reality!

And I’m not sure I can do that.

So in the meantime, I’ll just keep writing.

Otherwise, my biography hasn’t changed much since I wrote it for “Dogwood Plantation,” “Flickr” and “Facebook.” For those with prying questions, please feel free to write me. I may not answer, but ask anyway.


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